His knowledge of social dynamics and fascination for self-improvement and entertainment has earned his spot amongst the top five magicians in social media.

Jarek started producing videos for YouTube, teaching sleight of hand and the art of astonishment, at the age of 18.


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Since then, he has gained dedicated viewers from over 35 countries – including the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Netherlands, Egypt, Indonesia, Switzerland, Australia, Russia, Chile, Spain, and Italy, to name a few.

He was picked on and bullied in junior high when he went through his awkward phase, when he only had passions for professional wrestling and magic. Living a drug and alcohol free lifestyle, Jarek found strength in pain and used magic to make friends and influence others – which he still does on a daily basis.

Now living in Los Angeles, California, he will often put himself in 30-Day Challenges to keep his days interesting all in the pursuit of self-improvement.

Jarek now continues to produce videos for his popular YouTube channel, performing magic and hypnosis at parties with friends, corporate events, holiday parties, and giving motivational speeches to junior high and high school students about the importance to Rise Above second-class behavior and pursue your ambitions, no matter how ridiculous they may seem.

Watch Jarek’s Street Magic Special.